Oxygen in Cosmetic & Skincare Products

The Cosmetics and Skin Care Industry appears to create a constant flow of new products and product lines.

Every month there seems to be yet another new product or product line based on some new, never before thought of special ingredient.
Cosmetics and skincare manufacturers are always looking for the so-called holy Grail special ingredient that would allow them to claim some special miraculous properties that they can claim that only they can provide.

The discovery and appreciation of these so-called “special ingredients” is normally accompanied by an advertising campaign about someone who accidentally applied this ingredient to their skin and then noticed some miraculous properties, such as younger looking, softer, smoother, less wrinkly, evenly toned, skin … Etc. etc. etc.

It appears to me that as long as the manufacturer’s advertising agency can make the story sound like this new special ingredient would be a good thing to put on your skin, the manufacturer will go ahead and produce and sell it, regardless of whether there is any real benefit or not.

One such ingredient that sounds like it would be a great thing to have in your makeup and skin care products, is oxygen.

According to surveys and regardless of the facts, cosmetic and skincare consumers think a high concentration of oxygen in a cosmetic or skincare product would be a good thing to have.

A friend showed me the following  …
Do a search on Google using the search term: “Oxygen in Cosmetics”

The Google Results for the Search Term “Oxygen in Cosmetics”  will leave you scratching your head …. OMG

When we did the google search, at the top of the page was a paid google ad for IT Cosmetics Oxygen at TheShoppingChannel.com … this took us to  a web page selling “O2 Ultra-Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation”   … now this may be a great product … the reviews listed were all good … that is not my point , the claim for this product is that it is … “formulated to deliver oxygen to the skin and is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 71% after just 10 minutes of wear”

NOW HERE IS THE POINT …  Here are the natural listings in Google for the Search “Oxygen in Cosmetics” …

  1. First was this …   http://www.dr-baumann.com/en/dr-baumann-skinident/information/basic-information/basic-information-about-oxygen-in-cosmetics/
  • In the second paragraph they say “Although in our opinion it is doubtful whether oxygen creams can deliver significant amounts of O2 to the skin as alleged, a 100% increase in oxygen concentration is not desirable for a normal, healthy skin and may even cause damage.”

Then in Second Position was … http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/1015173/oxygen-infused-makeup-and-skin-care

  • She says at the end of a very good article “Truth is that I am still a skeptic. Having said that, dissolved oxygen in your makeup, moisturizer, serum and spa treatment cannot do anything to harm your skin (your wallet may be a different story). So if you like the way the products feel, go ahead and use them. I know I will,” says Goldenberg.”

3. http://cosmetics.specialchem.com/tech-library/article/oxygen-in-cosmetics-toxic-or-beneficial

This article is from 2009 “In all cases oxygen has intense physiological action: obviously the action is much more marked for inhalation than for skin contact, and though it is indispensable for life, we must not forget that it is a powerful oxidizer that can attack biological molecules and lead to free radical formation…”

4. http://www.paulaschoice.com/cosmetic-ingredient-dictionary/definition/oxygen

Many cosmetic products contain antioxidants, ingredients that reduce the negative effect of oxygen or oxidative substances on skin. At the same time, the cosmetics industry also sells products that contain hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or other oxygen-releasing ingredients, which supposedly deliver an oxygen molecule when they come in contact with skin, although that generates free-radical damage (Source: Human and Experimental Toxicology, February 2002, pages 61–62).

mineral water sprayThe one product that certainly sounds like a great thing to apply to your skin, from the beginning moisturizing to ending with a good seal one of the the best natural mineral water spray products After all this reading the conclusion is absolute. I am definitely sticking to my basic makeup and skin care routine … most importantly, including facial spray or mist of a good all natural product like Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray.

My Skin is welcome to all the O2  it wants from standard delivery BLOOD FLOW & THE AIRE AROUND US, all the antioxidants we now pay a fortune to swallow, in hopes of slowing the damage oxygen can do in speeding along the aging process by producing free radicals, notwithstanding.

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That it for now …